Brandywine Flight School 

We are delighted to include two tailwheel airplanes in our fleet - a Cessna 140A and a Cessna 170A.  Having these planes supports customer preferences, service, accessibility and aviation enthusiasm. 

These Cessnas, known as taildraggers or tailwheel aircraft, offer full "classic flying" instruction and rental to complement the current array of aviation packages and rental services available at BFS.

It makes educational sense to offer primary flight training in a tailwheel airplane.  A student aviator, training in proper tail wheel techniques from the outset, will possess good directional control skills and rudder awareness. 

We are very excited to have the two Cessna taildraggers to our fleet.  It is getting difficult to find a flight school where a student or trained pilot can learn skills necessary to operate a tailwheel aircraft to rent let alone receive training.   There is a serious lack of flight schools offering "classic airplane instruction" or "old school" aviation where students can learn.  We are continuing to expand our services and focus on what our students need to receive the best training possible for all that aviation has to offer.

Come out and fly aviation history !