Jim Wawrzyniak is a former Naval Aviator and instructor pilot.  He has a calm demeanor in the cockpit and is at excellent at teaching the subtle nuances of flight.  He has extensive experience in a wide variety of aircraft from tail-draggers to the v-tail Beechcraft Bonanza and other complex, high performance aircraft.  In addition, Jim currently flies a Bonanza, a Zlin 526F, a Czech aerobatic plane (for attitude adjustments) and tows gliders using the Piper Pawnee, an ag-plane.

Rick Laytham started flying in 1971 as a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol.  After a 15 year break (during which time he served our country in the Military and was deployed overseas) he earned his CFI rating in 2004 and worked as a full time instructor until 2012.  Rick has experience flying into mountain strips in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Wyoming.

Kevin Komisor has been  flying professionally for 20 years, beginning as a CFII, making the transition to turbo-props for a commuter airline, then jets for a major US airline, until finally discovering corporate aviation while on furlough.  Kevin is entering his 12th year in corporate aviation -  flying first the Learjet series aircraft, and currently the Gulfstream G150.  He thoroughly enjoys all aspects of aviation, most recently gliding, and is pleased to return to instructing.

Patrick Rush has been flying professionally for twenty-eight years.  He began in gliders and soloed on his 14th birthday.  He received all ratings in powered aircraft including his CFII and started flight instructing in 1989.  From 1993-1996 Patrick owned and operated his own (PART 141) flight school.  He entered the corporate world of aviation in 1996 .  He has flown various jets including the Lear Jet 35 and the Lockheed JetStar.  He currently flies a Gulfstream 150.  While acquiring over 10,000 flight hours, his greatest passion continues to be flight instructing.   ​

Matt Hungerbuhler is our youngest instructor at 24 years old, but don’t let his age fool you! Matt graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2016, where he earned a degree in aeronautical science while getting his commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. He has a vast knowledge of aviation and truly loves instructing. Matt is a local to the area, graduating from Great Valley High School in 2011, and has loved being able to come back home to instruct at his hometown airport. 

Troy Gruner  is a veteran instructor here, with a fifteen year history - and a student favorite.  Troy has  amassed over 9,000 hours of instructed flights and teaches most Saturday mornings.

Alan Ray started flying in 1992 and shortly after getting his private license chose to pursue a professional career in aviation safety.  He worked in the aviation safety field at airlines and business jet organizations for 21 years until his passion for flying caught up to him.  Prior to joining us, he was the Chief Safety Officer at a very large business jet fractional organization.  He is now a full time flight instructor at Brandywine Flight School.  He served 8 years in the Marine Corps Reserve from 1990 to 1998 and is a current member of the Civil Air Patrol.  He was born and raised in Memphis, TN and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1995.  He recently relocated to the Philadelphia area from Cleveland, OH with his wife and 2 young children (son 1 and daughter 3).

Matt Rajkovich is a Naval Aviator and graduate of Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation (back when it had only one hanger).  He retired from the US Marine Corps after accumulating diverse experience in world-wide operations, maintenance, and crew training in the KC-130 aircraft.  He is now instructing full time at BFS and enjoys being back in an environment where it all began for him at the age of 15.    

Jim Nolan has been a part time flight instructor at Brandywine airport for the past 16 years. He is the manager of Brandywine Flyers, a flying club with a Cessna 150 at the airport. Jim has experience in Mooney aircraft and Beech Bonanzas. He has flown Super Cubs in Alaska on wheels, floats and skis.

Alumni,  moved on to..... 

Flying in the Airlines:  Derek Lemke is an ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI.  He is a former airline pilot and has much experience to share with student pilots.  He is self-employed as a financial planner and works with us on a part-time basis.

Flying Cargo: David Hogue started flying in 1979 and after getting his private license decided to pursue a flying career. He attended  school in Florida and obtained  Commercial and Instrument ratings along with several flight instructor ratings. Upon return to this area, David  started teaching at a local airport and did this for several years. David has extensive experience as a commuter pilot, night freight pilot and  Chief Pilot for a small corporate flight department.


Our team of instructors is large enough to provide you with flexibility in choosing the right flight instructor to fit your objectives, schedule, personality and learning style.  We will work with you to pair you with an instructor who will not only become a mentor in the cockpit and on the ground, but also a friend through your entire training program.

Our priority is to teach you to safely fly in a cost effective manner.   To do that, we selectively hire instructors that meet our criteria.  

  • They have to be highly experienced (each individual instructor typically has thousands of hours of flight experience). 
  • They are able to fly precisely - they are great flyers.
  • Personalities matter - our instructors are easy to be with - communication and relationships flourish.  We want you to "feel at home" when you are learning.
  • They know how to teach.  This criteria is often overlooked by the unknowing.   You could be an Astronaut but not know how to teach very well.  Great teaching flows easily and efficiently to a receptive audience. 
  • Their motivation aligns to our culture - they are here because they love to teach, not because they are building hours (on your dime) to move on to the airlines. 

Our instructors have diverse backgrounds, including former airline, military and corporate pilots - arguably the most experienced group of flight instructors in the area.   These pilots are highly accomplished, and motivated by the thrill of your learning to be a safe pilot.  We love aviation !

Brandywine Flight School